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Volkonsky Coat of Arms

Volkonsky is a famous Russian, from Rurikid princely house. It inherited some Rurikid land along the Volkona river sometime in the dark centuries of Mongol disturbances in Russia and it is not totally clear what was the route of the inheritance. According to Almagro, Rurikid princes disputed for centuries the legitimacy of the Volkonski claim to the princely rank. The Volkonski – although well established in Moscow already since the 16th century – are not listed in the Velvet Book as Rurikids. it is believed Oleg I of Chernigov of Chernigov's Olegovichey as well as the saint prince Michael Vsevolodovich Chernigovsky, executed in 1246, were ancestors in some root of the Volkonsky. Michael's younger son, Yuri, inherited udel Tarusa. Yuri's grandchildren moved to Alexinsky region (Dubensky region in Tula oblast), where they bought votchina on the banks of river Volkona (Volkchona). Some heir of theirs likely inherited that land, and took its name.


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