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This article is about the former American racial separatist fraternal organization. Volksfront is also the German word for "peoples front" (usually left-wing, see also: popular front), or for the right-wing Afrikaner Volksfront in South Africa.

Volksfront, also known as Volksfront International is a former American racial separatist organization founded on October 20, 1994, in Portland, Oregon. According to Volksfront's now defunct website, the group described itself as an "international fraternal organization for persons of European descent." Volksfront had approximately 50 members in the United States split between four chapters designated as Pac-West, Central States, North East, and Gulf-Atlantic, and an additional 50 members dispersed in other countries including Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Spain. In August 2012, the United States organization of Volksfront announced their dissolution via their website. Citing harassment and investigations by the authorities, the group said it was disbanding.[1]


Volksfront held several events, including weekend-long concerts and speakers two or three times a year. The group also held organizational gatherings and memorial parties in remembrance of white nationalists who had been murdered or imprisoned around the world. An annual Volksfront event called Althing was held south of St. Louis, Missouri at the group's Samuel Weaver Memorial Hall, which was named after the son of Randy Weaver, who was killed by federal agents in 1992.


Volksfront stated on their now-defunct website that the group did not support Nazism and white supremacy: "As a group we believe in the right of all people to live free from alien and foreign domination, including and especially, persons of European descent. As a group, we do not believe in the inherent superiority of a particular race over another as it relates to the value of human life. We do not seek to oppress, victimize or intimidate any other racial or religious group, but we will defend our own race and VF family without apology or question from all comers. We do not believe in or support tyrannical or totalitarian government of any type.[citation needed]

Endorsement of non-violence[edit]

In 2002, Volksfront became the first white nationalist organization in the United States to publicly renounce violence as a means to political-social change.[citation needed]

Volksfront Statement of Activist Values:[citation needed]

  • 1. Volksfront completely opposes violence, terrorism and criminal activity as a means to achieve our political aims.[citation needed]
  • 2. Volksfront acknowledges the right of all people, religions, races and cultures to live free from fear, oppression, exploitation and foreign domination.[citation needed]
  • 3. Volksfront will use political non-violent means to achieve our goals, in every case striving to educate rather than offend the communities in which we operate. We reject the simple psychology of reactionary politics as a recruitment tool.[citation needed]
  • 5. Volksfront rejects cooperation with organizations which support violence and terrorism as means to political change. In every case we will refrain from any cooperation with organizations which use fear and terrorism to gain political or social power. Volksfront will use the tools of education, community activism and example to gain public support.[citation needed]

Alleged Violence by members[edit]

  • In April 2007, Jacob Albert Laskey, alleged to be Volksfront’s Prisoner Affairs Coordinator in Eugene, Oregon, was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for his role in a "racially-motivated attack" on the Temple Beth Israel.[2] According to the FBI, Laskey is a "self-avowed white supremacist who admitted that he sought to commit acts of violence and destruction against Jews, African-Americans, and members of other ethnic and racial groups."[2] A few months later in November 2007, Laskey's brother, Gabriel Laskey, was sentenced to six months incarceration for his role in the attack.[3]


Volksfront in the United States announced their dissolution in August 2012 via their website www.volksfrontinternational.com (site no longer valid). Citing illegal harassment and investigations by the Government they announced the organization was disbanding. Their website, blog, Facebook page, and emails have since been closed.[1]


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