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Coordinates: 58°9′57.82″N 8°1′47.44″E / 58.1660611°N 8.0298444°E / 58.1660611; 8.0298444


Vollevannet is a freshwater lake in Kristiansand, between Gimlekollen and exit from the E18 to the Vest-Agder Museum Kristiansand and Ålefjær (county road 452) in Vest-Agder county, Norway. Vollevannet was earlier used as drinking water, and is held back by two dams. It is a strain of perch in the lake. On the north side is a small, sandy beach.

Historical events[edit]

In February 1943, during the German occupation of Norway, two Russian prisoners of war accused of attempting to escape and burglary were executed at the end of Vollevannet. The two Russians were buried in the same grave. Two months later another Russian who had refused to work and had encouraged others to refuse was taken to Vollevannet and shot about 50 meters from the first grave.

At the end of the war, the bodies of all three were dug up and taken to the Kristiansand crematorium. A memorial cross marks their former graves.[1]