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Volt (abbreviated V) is a unit of electric potential and electromotive force, named after Alessandro Volta.

Volt or Volts may also refer to:

Electrical measurement[edit]

  • electron volt (eV), a unit of energy in physics
  • volt-ampere (VA), a unit used to measure the apparent power in an electrical circuit
  • volt-ampere reactive (var), a unit used to measure reactive power in an AC system
  • volt meter, an instrument used for measuring electrical potential difference in an electric circuit
  • Volt-ohm meter (VOM), an electronic measuring instrument
  • Volts Center Tapped (VCT), a unit used to measure the voltage output of a center tapped transformer



  • Alessandro Volta (1745–1827), the Italian physicist after whom the term volt is named
  • John Volts (1825–1904?), a British critic, philosopher and writer.


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