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Origin Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Heavy Metal
Progressive Metal
Video Game Music
Years active 2002—present
Labels Metavania Music
Website http://www.vomitron665.com
Members Rutcho - Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keys/Programming

Vomitron is a one-man, instrumental, studio-only music project/band that can be classified in the genres of heavy metal, experimental, progressive metal, and video game music cover band. Based in Massachusetts USA, its music first circulated in 2002 on mp3.com. To date, Vomitron has released two full-length albums with a third in the works.


Vomitron: Released 2007

Vomitron's self-titled debut album consists of 17 tracks, with 16 of them being originals. It was self-released on January 8, 2007. Many of the tracks are re-recorded versions of the original MP3.com demos, though some of the original names have been changed. While the guitar, bass, and keys on the album were performed by Vomitron, the drums were performed by three session drummers and a session vocalist was used for "Eye of the Tiger", the only track with vocals.[1]


  1. Arrival 2012
  2. Robot Sex
  3. Exploding Metal (Originally "The Long-Distance Ejaculator")
  4. Mandatory Spermicide
  5. 2884
  6. Frozen in Fire (Originally "Orgasmeus, God of Masturbation")
  7. The Fuck Patrol
  8. Chicken Sacrifice
  9. 665: The Neighbor of the Beast
  10. Fission of Senses
  11. Collapse of a Neutron Star
  12. Penis Flytrap
  13. Escape from Nebulon V
  14. Mortal Wombat
  15. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor Cover)
  16. Vomitron
  17. Through the Wormhole

No NES For The Wicked: Released 2011

Vomitron's second album consists entirely of original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game covers performed in a heavy metal style. It was released on September 20, 2011 by Metavania Music. The way Vomitron covers video game music differs from most other video game cover bands in some notable ways. Vomitron's covers include virtually all the music from the specific video game which the song is titled and in the order of how the music appears in the game. Vomitron titles its covers simply with the exact title of the game covered. An exception are the five relatively shorter covers of Tetris themes which are each titled by the individual theme covered and interspersed throughout the album. Vomitron strives for accuracy in interpretation and thus all keys, tempos, notes, and timing remain unchanged from the original video game music. Vomitron also does not add any melodies, sections, or solos that were not on the original video game music, with the exception of the outro B3 solo in the song "Ninja Gaiden: Acts 4-6". One thing that Vomitron does change about the original video game music is the drums, which are expanded and made more complex so as to fit better as a heavy metal song. Vomitron covers were done by a single person who did all of the interpretation, performed every instrument, and mixed and mastered the entire album. A final way in which Vomitron's covers differ from most other video game covers is that Vomitron included its covers into a professionally produced and released album that has production that is on par with any professionally produced heavy metal album. No NES For The Wicked also includes a short intro to the album titled "Filtered Blow". In this song one can hear someone going through the familiar frustrations of trying to get an original NES game to work.[2]

Tracklist and Times:

  1. Filtered Blow (0:19)
  2. Contra (8:06)
  3. Blaster Master (8:24)
  4. Kalinka (0:55)
  5. The Legend of Zelda (3:54)
  6. Ninja Gaiden: Acts 1-3 (8:55)
  7. Troika (0:46)
  8. Double Dragon (8:10)
  9. Bradinsky (1:11)
  10. Ninja Gaiden: Acts 4-6 (8:30)
  11. The Soviet Mind Game (0:51)
  12. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (7:16)
  13. Korobeyniki (0:52)
  14. Castlevania (9:38)

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