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Location of Voorne-Putten
Country Netherlands
Province Zuid-Holland
Municipality Spijkenisse, Hellevoetsluis, Brielle, Bernisse en Westvoorne
Population (2008) 160,000
Major roads N57

Coordinates: 51°52′N 4°10′E / 51.867°N 4.167°E / 51.867; 4.167

Satellite image of the Rhine-Meuse delta, showing the island of Voorne-Putten (4 and 5)

Voorne-Putten is an island between the North Sea, the Brielse meer and the rivers Oude Maas, Spui and Haringvliet in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. Voorne-Putten consists of the two former islands Voorne (the larger, western part) and Putten (the smaller, eastern part). It used to be separated by the river Bernisse which silted up and made the two islands one. It has 160,000 inhabitants (2008). Recently the riverbed has been dredged, and the two islands have been reformed.

The North Sea coast of Voorne is a valuable nature reserve (sand dunes). The rest of the island is a mostly agricultural region. The largest town is Spijkenisse. Voorne-Putten consists of the following municipalities:

Voorne-Putten is separated