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Vordonia (Greek: Βορδόνια) is a small village in the base of Taygetos mountain, in Laconia, Greece. The village is divided into three communities (Kampos, Kato Hora and Pano Hora) and is part of the municipality of Sparti.

The name Vordonia is believed to harken back to the Villehardouin family, the first ruling dynasty of the Principality of Achaea after the Fourth Crusade (1204). William II Villehardouin located his capital at the town of Mystras, some 10 km SW of Vordonia. The Crusader castle located above the village lends credibility to this hypothesis.


  • Postal code: 230 59
  • Elevation:
    • Centre: about 447 m
  • Dialing code: 0030-27310

Historical population[edit]

Year Population
1981 474
1991 115
2001 393

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Coordinates: 37°8′35″N 22°20′5″E / 37.14306°N 22.33472°E / 37.14306; 22.33472