Vorobyovy Gory (Moscow Metro)

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Vorobyovy Gory
Moscow Metro station
Vorobievy gory3.jpg
Station statistics
Address Russia
Coordinates 55°42′37″N 37°33′33″E / 55.7103°N 37.5592°E / 55.7103; 37.5592Coordinates: 55°42′37″N 37°33′33″E / 55.7103°N 37.5592°E / 55.7103; 37.5592
Line(s)  1  Sokolnicheskaya Line
Levels 1
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Parking No
Bicycle facilities No
Baggage check No
Other information
Opened 1 December 1959
Rebuilt 20 October 1983 – 14 December 2002
Station code 016
Owned by Moskovsky Metropoliten
Formerly Leninskye Gory
Preceding station   Moscow Metro   Following station
toward  Troparyovo
Sokolnicheskaya Line
Vorobyovy Gory (Moscow Metro) is located in Moscow Ring Road
Moscow map MKAD metro line.svg
Vorobyovy Gory (Moscow Metro)

Vorobyovy Gory (Russian: Воробьёвы го́ры, lit. Sparrow Hills) is a Moscow Metro station. It is on the Sokolnicheskaya Line, between Universitet and Sportivnaya stations. Its name originates from a nearby elevated area literally translated as Sparrow Hills.


In 1982 before reconstruction

The bridge, which is known as the Luzhniki Metro Bridge, or simply "Metromost", and spans the Moskva River, was originally built in 1958. The architects for the project were M. P. Bubnov, A. S. Markelov, M. F. Markovsky, A. K. Ryzhkov, and B. I. Tkhor. The bridge, hastily built, was plagued by corrosion and seeping water and fell into disrepair. It was deemed structurally unsound by 1984, so the station (at the time called Leninskiye Gory) was "temporarily" closed for repairs and trains were rerouted to temporary bridges alongside. Eighteen years later on 14 December 2002, the newly renovated and renamed station was opened to the public once again.


Built into the lower level of a bridge, it is unique in the city. At 270 metres in length, the platform is the longest in the system as the station needed to be accessible from both sides of the river. It is also the highest station above ground level at 15 metres, though this is less remarkable since all but a handful of Metro stations are underground. Apart from its dimensions, Vorobyovy Gory is also notable in being the only Moscow Metro station with windows.