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Vortexje simulation results in Paraview
Developer(s) Baayen & Heinz GmbH
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Computational fluid dynamics, Simulation software
License GPL
Website vortexje.org

Vortexje is open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software created by Baayen & Heinz GmbH [1] in 2011.

It implements the source-doublet panel method for potential flow, with the following features:

  • Modern C++ API, easily integrated with other simulation environments;
  • Supports Gmsh and PLY mesh formats;
  • Output in Gmsh or in VTK format for analysis with ParaView;
  • Optional wake convection;
  • Wake-body and wake-wake interaction;
  • Transparent integration with boundary layer models.

Vortexje is suitable for the simulation of inviscid, incompressible flows. Typical applications include subsonic aerodynamic and hydrodynamic simulation.

Vortexje uses Eigen for linear algebra, and the CMake build system.

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