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Voss is an opera by Australian composer Richard Meale with libretto by David Malouf. It is an adaptation of Patrick White's novel of the same name. The opera was commissioned by The Australian Opera, and premiered at the Adelaide Festival in 1986.

In 2011, Voss was added to the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia's Sounds of Australia registry.[1]


In 1977, impresario and administrator Peter Hemmings, general manager of the Australian Opera (as Opera Australia was then known), commissioned Meale to write an opera based on Voss, Patrick White's 1957 novel.[2]

Work in progress[edit]

White's novel was predominantly set in Queensland, and appropriately, Meale's librettist for the opera was Queensland writer, poet and playwright David Malouf.[3] Malouf completed the libretto in 1978,[4] but Voss would not be performed until 1986.


A preview[edit]

12 minutes of Voss - the "Garden Scene" - was a feature of the 1982 Adelaide Festival[5]


The Australian Opera conducted by Stuart Challender premiered Voss, directed by Jim Sharman[6] on 1 March 1986 at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.[7]

Later performances[edit]

Voss also enjoyed a successful run at the Sydney Opera House.[8]


Role Voice type
Johann Ulrich Voss baritone
Frank le Mesurier tenor
Palfreyman baritone
Harry Robarts tenor
Judd baritone
Mrs Judd mezzo-soprano
Mr Bonner bass
Mrs Bonner mezzo-soprano
Belle Bonner soprano
Laura Trevelyan soprano
Rose Portion mezzo-soprano
Lieutenant Tom Radclyffe tenor
Mr Topp tenor
Mercy soprano
A reporter tenor



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