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Vossajazz or Vossa Jazz is an international jazz festival in Voss, Norway, which takes place annually during the week before Easter, and which also includes concerts throughout the year.[1] It was established on 19 December 1973.[2] Since 2007, the festival director has been Trude Storheim.[3] Vossajazz includes jazz, folk and ethnic music. There is also Badnajazz for the children, Ekstremjazz (not part of Ekstremsportveko, the extreme sports week also held in Voss), Eldrejazz and UNGjaJAZZja!. In addition the festival annually commissions a piece of music from Norwegian composers.

Commissioned works[edit]


Since 1988 the festival has honoured prominent freelance jazz musicians from Hordaland with an award,[6] including:

Vossajazz Records[edit]

Several recordings made at the festival have been issued on Vossajazz's own label, Vossa Jazz Records.[7]


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