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Not to be confused with Aztlán.

La Voz de Aztlan ("The Voice of Aztlán") is an advocacy website purportedly reflecting opinion on behalf of Mexican and Mexican-Americans in the U.S. Southwest and in Mexico.[1]

The website's publisher is Hector Carreon, a "graduate in Civil Engineering from California State University at Long Beach where he was a founding member of the Society of Mexican-American Engineers and Scientists (MAES)." According to the website, Carreon is a veteran of the Vietnam War, having served in the U.S Army's 2nd Armored Division, and is also "a graduate of the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund's Advanced Leadership Program"[2]

Ernesto Cienfuegos is the editor in chief, Miroslava Flores is a staff writer.[3] The webmaster is Roberto Cruz.

The website publishes news articles, commentary, and opinion pieces on immigration, the U.S.-Mexico border, the anti-illegal immigration movement, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the supposed domination of world media and politics by "Zionists" and Jews.


According to the Anti-Defamation League, La Voz de Aztlán is published by the Nation of Aztlán, a group it labels as antisemitic.[4] However, the publisher of La Voz de Aztlán has denied having "any leadership position within the Nation of Aztlan."[5]

The SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League label Voz de Aztlán as antisemitic. Voz de Aztlán editorials contain statements in which the forementioned organizations have interpreted as anti-semitic, such as "The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are offshoots of the Rothschild Jewish Banking Dynasty. International Jews also control most of the World Media which they utilize to brainwash the masses".[6] When a La Voz de Aztlán editorial criticizes a Jew, his ethnicity is often emphasized.[7]

Voz de Aztlán presents a translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is introduced in Spanish as evidence of a Jewish plan for world domination.[8] In a statement made on the death of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon in the space shuttle Columbia disaster, Carréon wrote, "God has cursed the Jews since time immemorial and they have been the curse of mankind since the beginning of written history. They are an extremely problematic group of people that have been dispersed throughout the globe never finding any genuine welcome in the nations they have settled in. Nation after nation have expelled them in almost every period of recorded history. Today, Israel is threatening the annihilation of our modern global civilization! Is the final War of Armageddon an inevitable event? Must we allow Zionist Israel to push the world towards this final end?" [9]


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