Vršovice Savings Bank Building

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Vršovice Savings Bank Building
Vršovická záložna
Sporitelna Vrsovice.JPG
General information
Type bank
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Coordinates 50°04′19″N 14°27′05″E / 50.071986°N 14.451495°E / 50.071986; 14.451495
Construction started 1911
Owner Česká spořitelna, Czech Republic
Technical details
Floor count 4
Design and construction
Architect Antonín Balšánek

Vršovice Savings Bank Building (in Czech: Vršovická záložna or Vršovická spořitelna) is a Neo-Renaissance building, which is located in Prague 10-Vršovice. The architect of the building was Antonin Balšánek.


Antonin Balšánek designed this art nouveau building which incorporates several notable statues. On the front are two by the Czech sculptor Ladislav Šaloun. The building also includes work by sculptors Josef Mařatka and František Uprka.[1]

This building was opened to the public in September 2012 as part of the European Heritage Days initiative.[2]


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