Vroom & Dreesmann

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Vroom en Dreesmann
Genre Department Store
Founded 1887
Founder Willem Vroom, Anton Dreesmann
Slogan Leef je uit
Website www.vd.nl
Old V&D logo outside its Almere branch
Vroom & Dreesmann store in Rotterdam

Vroom & Dreesmann (also known as V&D) is a Dutch chain of department stores. V&D now has over 63 branches throughout the Netherlands.[when?][citation needed]

All V&D stores sell designer clothing & shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, a wide selection of books, CD & DVD home entertainment, electrical goods, stationery, cards & posters, furniture, homewares and a selection of delicatessen. The average V&D store also features one or more restaurants, a travel agent and a Postbank ATM. Larger branches also have an in-store bakery and full Postbank branch.


V&D was founded in 1887 by Willem Vroom and Anton Dreesmann. The first V&D store opened in Weesperstraat in Amsterdam.

Maxeda owned V&D since Maxeda was founded in 1999. Previously, V&D was owned by Vendex which merged into Maxeda.

On 8 September 2007 Vroom & Dreesmann introduced a new logo, replacing the old red and blue logo after 10 years.

Since the end of 2010 V&D is a subsidiary of Sun Capital Partners. In 2015 it is on the verge of bankruptcy.[1] Among the reasons mentioned for its demise:

  • The rise of the Internet with online shopping.
  • Cheaper brick and mortar stores such as the Swedish H&M, Irish Primark, and Dutch Zeeman that compete successfully for V&D's market share.
  • A lack of clear identity versus these more affordable stores and the more exclusive ones, such as De Bijenkorf.
  • The sale of the V&D department stores (i.e. the real estate), increasing the warehouse's operational costs.


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