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Vuk Isakovič (Serbian Cyrillic: Вук Исакович; fl. 1696-1759) was a Serb military commander in Austrian service during the Austrian-Ottoman Wars. He was the inspiration for the main character in the Seobe (roman by Miloš Crnjanski).


Vuk's family originated from Sredska, Kosovo, then under Ottoman rule. His brother was Trifun, also a commander. In seobe, Vuk's brother is a merchant named Aranđel, married to a Dafina.

In 1738, he fought in the Austrian side against the Ottoman Empire. With his brother Trifun he commanded the hajduks who devastated Lešnica. After the war he had the rank of captain. His brother became major in Syrmia, then lieutenant colonel of the Petrovaradin regiment. He and his brother were among the main contributors for the new church and tower-bell of the Šišatovac monastery.

He died in 1759, at the age of 65, in Mitrovica. He was buried at Šišatovac, which at the time was some type of mausoleum for notable Serbs.

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