Vukašin Mandrapa

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Vukašin Mandrapa
Born end of 19th century
Klepci, Ottoman Empire (modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Died 1943
Jasenovac, Independent State of Croatia
Canonized 1998

Vukašin Mandrapa (Serbian Cyrillic: Вукашин Мандрапа) (end of 19th century—1943) is a saint and a martyr of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Mandrapa was born in Klepci (at the time the Ottoman Empire, modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina).

He was mutilated by the Croatian Ustaše in the Independent State of Croatia Jasenovac death camp because he refused to convert from Serbian Orthodox Christianity to Roman Catholicism; his eyes were gouged out and his limbs were severed until he died. He is seen as a testament to the Serbians' strong faith.

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