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Vukajlija is a popular Serbia-based web site very similar to Urban Dictionary in content. As such, the site mainly consists of often humorous definitions, observations and (not rarely vulgar) explanations of slang terms from a more local point of view that the one on Urban Dictionary.

Created in 2007 by Dejan Simić from Pančevo, he asserted in a 2008 interview that he visited Urban Dictionary often, the idea of which he decided to adopt.[1]

The name Vukajlija is itself a word play on Vujaklija, the surname of Serbian linguist Milan Vujaklija whose most notable work is Lexicon of foreign words and terms (Leksikon stranih reči i izraza, Лексикон страних речи и израза), first published in 1937. In the Balkans, dictionaries are often colloquially known by the names of their author and thus Vujaklija's dictionary is known as Vujaklija, leading to the word play in question. Also, the similarity in names may have contributed to early popularity of the site, as a number of people searching for Vukajlija in error instead of Vujaklija reached the site.


In 2008, the site had 1500 visits a day. According to Alexa Internet, it is as of September 2011 most popular in the former Yugoslav republics of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia, being in the 10 most popular sites in Serbia and Montenegro and in the 15 most popular sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[2]

Along with being mentioned and used on various local websites[3][4] and newspapers, including Politika,[5] part of its content is regularly distributed on paper: a number of definitions appear every week in the last page humor section of Belgrade Blic newspapers, one of the highest circulation daily newspaper in Serbia.

As of 2014, is ranked 32. according to Alexa Internet, and is the most popular website for internet humor in the Balkans.


On, everybody is allowed to make a restricted amount of posts per day, which are controlled by administrators and/or moderators of the website.


Definitions contain funny happenings and facts from everyday Serbian life.


In the Posters section, you can find funny motivational posters, usually about Serbian celebrities, politicians, and black humor.


Reactions section contains animated gifs.


The Forum section is a place where visitors of this website can communicate, and share posts found on the website. Best posts will be featured on the main page by an administrator or a moderator.


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