Gjyste Vulaj

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Gjyste Vulaj
Born Gjyste Dedvukaj
(1977-07-09) July 9, 1977 (age 36)
Vuksanlekići, Montenegro
Spouse(s) Sokol Vulaj

Gjyste Vulaj (born on July 9, 1977 in the small town of Vuksanlekići, Montenegro) is a very famous Albanian singer who sings Pop music and many other genres. Her name is widely known through the Albanian population and she has come to a very high place in popularity. She has been singing for nearly 20 years. Not only does she sing, but she writes the lyrics to all of her songs, and has experience in graphic designing as well. She is married to Sokol Vulaj from Vuksanlekići and they have one daughter together, Rozana Vulaj, and one son Besart Vulaj. One of the highly recommended Albanian singers go to see her in her outdoor lounge In the beach city of ulqin (Ulcinj Montenegro) at Small Beach (Plazi I Vogel) Belveder. She is described as extreme, exotic and creative. She has been noted of her poor conduct of dress by many others, as she wear tight clothes and anal-showing dresses and skirts, compared to her age.


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