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Developer The VyOS Project
(Fork of Vyatta Core 6.6 R1)
OS family Unix-like Routing
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Initial release 22 December 2013; 14 months ago (2013-12-22)
Latest release 28 January 2015; 2 months ago (2015-01-28)
Marketing target Free computing
Available in English
Platforms x86, x86-64
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux)
License Free software licenses
(mainly GPL)
Official website VyOS.net

VyOS is a fork of the Vyatta Core edition of routing software. VyOS is a Linux based routing solution built on the Debian Linux distribution, and currently runs on x86 and x86-64 platforms.[1]

VyOS provides a free and open source routing platform that competes directly with other commercially available solutions from well known network providers. Because VyOS runs on standard x86 systems, it is able to be used as a router and firewall platform for cloud deployments.[2]


After Brocade Communications stopped development of the Vyatta Core Edition of the Vyatta Routing software, a small group of enthusiasts took the last Community Edition, and worked on building an Open Source version to live on in place of the end of life VC. [3] [4]


VyOS version 1.0.0 (Hydrogen)[5] was released on December 22, 2013.[6] This release is built on Debian Squeeze and is available as a 32-bit image for physical machines (i386), a 64-bit image - both physical and virtual (amd64), and a 32-bit image for virtual machines (i386-virt).[6]

Keeping with the naming convention the next major release will be Helium.[7]

Release History[edit]

Release Version Date
Hydrogen 1.0.0 December 22, 2013
1.0.1 January 17, 2014
1.0.2 February 3, 2014
1.0.3 May 9, 2014
1.0.4 June 16, 2014
1.0.5 September 26, 2014
Helium 1.1.0 October 9, 2014
1.1.1 December 8, 2014
1.1.3 January 28, 2015

VMware Support[edit]

With the February 3rd 2014 maintenance release, there was the release of the VyOS OVA image for VMware. This allows for a convenient setup of VyOS on a VMware platform, and includes all of the VMware tools installed. The OVA image can be downloaded from the standard download sites, or can be downloaded from VMware.[8]

Amazon EC2 Support[edit]

Starting with version 1.0.2 there is the ability for Amazon EC2 customers to select an AMI image of the VyOS software. [9]

List of router or Firewall Software[edit]

List of router or firewall distributions

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