Vya, Nevada

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Vya, Nevada is a small ghost town located in Washoe County, in northwestern Nevada. It is about 10 miles (16 km) to the east of the California state line. Not much remains of the small town, which essentially died in the 1920s. Just two wooden buildings can still be seen—the Vya Post Office and Library. The Vya Post Office was still listed as active, and had a postmaster, until 1941.

The vicinity of Vya has since evolved into the Old Yella Dog Ranch, a working guest ranch, with facilities for RV's and camping.

In the winter of 1993, a young man named Jim Stolpa, his wife, and baby, became snowbound while driving through northern Nevada. After an almost 30-hour, 50-mile (80 km) walk, Stolpa was found near Vya. The Stolpas' ordeal was made into a movie, Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story. Vya remains a ghost town to this day.



Coordinates: 41°35′32″N 119°51′38″W / 41.59222°N 119.86056°W / 41.59222; -119.86056