W.A.K.O. European Championships 1979

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W.A.K.O. European Championships 1979
A poster or logo for W.A.K.O. European Championships 1979.
Promotion W.A.K.O.
Date 1979
City Italy Milan, Italy
Event chronology
W.A.K.O. World Championships 1978 W.A.K.O. European Championships 1979 W.A.K.O. World Championships 1979

W.A.K.O. European Championships 1979 was the third European kickboxing championships hosted by the W.A.K.O. organization, organized by the Italian Ennio Falsoni.[1] As with previous European championships the 1979 W.A.K.O. championships were open to amateur men based in Europe only, with each country allowed more than one competitor in an individual weight category. Two styles of kickboxing were on offer – Full-Contact and Semi-Contact. By the championships end West Germany was yet again the strongest nation, with Yugoslavia in second place, and hosts Italy in third - more detail on the winners and medal tables can be found in the sections below. The event was held in 1979 in Milan, Italy.

Men's Full-Contact Kickboxing[edit]

At Milan the men's Full-Contact kickboxing category had seven weight divisions ranging from 57 kg/125.4 lbs to over 84 kg/+184.8 lbs, with all bouts fought under Full-Contact rules. More detail on Full-Contact's rules-set can be found at the W.A.K.O. website, although be aware that the rules have changed since 1979.[2] The medal winners of each division are shown below with Peter Harbrecht winning yet another gold and future K-1 world champion Branko Cikatić winning his first major title. Also of interest were Jerome and Jonny Canabate who had won medals at previous W.A.K.O. championships representing Switzerland, but were now picking up medals for the host nation Italy. At the end of the championships West Germany were the strongest nation in the Full-Contact category winning four gold, one silver and one bronze medal.[3]

Men's Full-Contact Kickboxing Medals Table[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
-57 kg Jerome Canabate Italy Boffa Switzerland Jonny Canabate Italy
-63 kg Klaus Friedhaber West Germany Jimmie Barletta Belgium Jorg Leuk-Emden West Germany
-69 kg Ferdinand Mack West Germany Kemal Zeriat France Colapietro Belgium
-74 kg Peter Harbrecht West Germany Erling Havnå Norway A. Tommei Switzerland
-79 kg Branko Cikatić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jean-Marc Tonus Switzerland Roufs Netherlands
-84 kg Branko Zgaljardic Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Flavio Galessi Italy Nils Hovelsrud Norway
+84 kg Tom Rissman West Germany Manfred Vogt West Germany Maurizio Rigo Italy

Men's Semi-Contact Kickboxing[edit]

Absent from the 1978 world championship, Semi-Contact returned to the Milan European championships. Unlike Full-Contact where fighters could be knocked out, Semi-Contact relied on contestants to outscore the other using skill, speed and technique to score points rather than by using excessive force - more detail on Semi-Contact can be found on the W.A.K.O. website, although the rules will have changed somewhat since 1979.[4] As with Full-Contact there were seven weight divisions ranging from 57 kg/125.4 lbs to over 84 kg/+184.8 lbs. The medal winners of each division are shown below with West Germany again being the strongest nation with five gold medals and two silvers won in Semi-Contact by the end of the championships.[5]

Men's Semi-Contact Kickboxing Medals Table[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
-57 kg Sarhan Salman West Germany Christian Wulf West Germany Manfred Frohwein Austria
-63 kg Dennis Wooter Netherlands Goyvaerts Belgium Antonio Loser Austria
-69 kg Jochen Klapproth West Germany Andreas Brannasch West Germany Maurizio Ronchiato Italy
-74 kg Jurgen Gorak West Germany Slobodon Sokota Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Wilson United Kingdom
-79 kg H. Hirschganger West Germany Ivan Wray United Kingdom Norbert Schochl Austria
-84 kg Harald Edel West Germany Maurizio Facchinetti Italy Walter Meneghini Italy
+84 kg Ray McKenzie United Kingdom Srienz Austria Ulrich Falck Switzerland

Overall Medals Standing (Top 5)[edit]

Ranking Country Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
1 West Germany West Germany 9 3 1
2 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 2 1 0
3 Italy Italy 1 2 4
4 United Kingdom Great Britain 1 1 1
5 Netherlands Netherlands 1 0 0

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