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W.W. Clyde is a heavy civil construction firm based in Springville, Utah.

W.W. Clyde was founded in 1926 by Wilford W. Clyde, brother to George Dewey Clyde, who later became a Governor of Utah. The company began as a business focused on building roads, and now specializes in a variety of construction services, including building bridges and other structures, highways, pipelines, mining and mine reclamation, site development, and aggregate processing. It currently employs about 450 people.[1]


In the past, W.W. Clyde & Co. has completed many major projects:

In 2008, W.W. Clyde constructed Segment 4 of the Legacy Parkway project, a freeway in Davis County. Segment 4 included eight structures and a pedestrian bridge, and was a $100 million project.[1][2] W.W. Clyde is a subsidiary of Clyde Companies, Inc, which also owns Geneva Rock, Sunroc, Gorge Rock, and Beehive Insurance.[3]