W. F. Turner

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W. F. Turner was a United States Democratic elector from Alabama during United States presidential election, 1956.

He is remembered as a faithless elector. Although he pledged to vote for Democratic ticket - Presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson and his running-mate Estes Kefauver, he cast his presidential vote on December 17, 1956[1] for circuit court judge from his hometown, Walter B. Jones, totally unknown outside his area. However he voted for well-known United States Senator from Georgia Herman Talmadge for Vice President.

Turner later commented about his decision: I have fulfilled my obligations to the people of Alabama. I'm talking about the white people, a comment which suggested that he opposed Stevenson and Kefauver, who were liberal on civil rights (unlike Jones and Senator Talmadge, known for his pro-segregationist stance).[2]