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The W.P. McGee Trophy on display at Carleton University

The W. P. McGee Trophy is a Canadian sports award, presented annually to the winner of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport championship in men's basketball. The most recent and defending champions are the Carleton Ravens. The Carleton Ravens have the most championship wins with ten.

The finals were played at the Halifax Metro Centre from 1988 to 2007, but then moved to Scotiabank Place in Ottawa for three years, starting in 2008. After two years back in Halifax, the latest two tournaments where held in the now renamed Canadian Tire Centre (former Scotiabank Place). The championship currently consists of an eight-team tournament, played over three days.


Year Winning University[1] Runner Up University Score Venue
1963 Assumption College Acadia Axemen 55-50 University of Windsor
1964 Windsor Lancers UBC Thunderbirds 94-70 University of Windsor
1965 Acadia Axemen Windsor Lancers 91-87 Saint Mary's University
1966 Windsor Lancers Calgary Dinos 95-83 University of Calgary
1967 Windsor Lancers UBC Thunderbirds 87-82 University of Calgary
1968 Waterloo Lutheran Golden Hawks Saint Mary's Huskies 66-61 St. Francis Xavier University
1969 Windsor Lancers Waterloo Lutheran Golden Hawks 76-63 University of Waterloo
1970 UBC Thunderbirds McMaster Marauders 96-75 McMaster University
1971 Acadia Axemen Manitoba Bisons 72-48 Acadia University
1972 UBC Thunderbirds Windsor Lancers 117-84 University of British Columbia
1973 Saint Mary's Huskies Lakehead Thunderwolves 79-67 University of Waterloo
1974 Guelph Gryphons Saint Mary's Huskies 74-72 University of Waterloo
1975 Waterloo Warriors Manitoba Bisons 80-79 University of Waterloo
1976 Manitoba Bisons Saint Mary's Huskies 82-69 Saint Mary's University
1977 Acadia Axemen Lakehead Thunderwolves 72-63 Saint Mary's University
1978 Saint Mary's Huskies Acadia Axemen 99-91 Saint Mary's University
1979 Saint Mary's Huskies Victoria Vikes 90-83 University of Calgary
1980 Victoria Vikes Brandon Bobcats 73-65 University of Calgary
1981 Victoria Vikes Acadia Axemen 81-70 University of Waterloo
1982 Victoria Vikes Saint Mary's Huskies 74-60 University of Victoria
1983 Victoria Vikes Waterloo Warriors 63-52 University of Waterloo
1984 Victoria Vikes Brandon Bobcats 70-62 Dalhousie University
1985 Victoria Vikes Waterloo Warriors 93-79 Dalhousie University
1986 Victoria Vikes Waterloo Warriors 70-61 Dalhousie University
1987 Brandon Bobcats UBC Thunderbirds 74-66 Dalhousie University
1988 Brandon Bobcats Acadia Axemen 81-68 Halifax Metro Centre
1989 Brandon Bobcats Victoria Vikes 74-73 Halifax Metro Centre
1990 Concordia Stingers Guelph Gryphons 80-62 Halifax Metro Centre
1991 Western Ontario Mustangs Guelph Gryphons 78-69 Halifax Metro Centre
1992 Brock Badgers Saint Mary's Huskies 77-71 Halifax Metro Centre
1993 St. Francis Xavier X-Men McMaster Marauders 72-64 Halifax Metro Centre
1994 Alberta Golden Bears McMaster Marauders 73-66 Halifax Metro Centre
1995 Alberta Golden Bears Concordia Stingers 84-66 Halifax Metro Centre
1996 Brandon Bobcats Alberta Golden Bears 79-72 Halifax Metro Centre
1997 Victoria Vikes McMaster Marauders 84-73 Halifax Metro Centre
1998 Bishop's Gaiters McMaster Marauders 74-71 Halifax Metro Centre
1999 Saint Mary's Huskies Alberta Golden Bears 73-69 Halifax Metro Centre
2000 St. Francis Xavier X-Men Brandon Bobcats 61-60 Halifax Metro Centre
2001 St. Francis Xavier X-Men Brandon Bobcats 83-76 Halifax Metro Centre
Alberta Golden Bears Western Ontario Mustangs 76-71 Halifax Metro Centre
2003 Carleton Ravens Guelph Gryphons 57-54[2] Halifax Metro Centre
2004 Carleton Ravens St. Francis Xavier X-Men 63-59[3] Halifax Metro Centre
2005 Carleton Ravens Concordia Stingers 68-48[4] Halifax Metro Centre
Carleton Ravens Victoria Vikes 73-67[5] Halifax Metro Centre
Carleton Ravens Brandon Bobcats 52-49[6] Halifax Metro Centre
Brock Badgers Acadia Axemen 64-61[7] Carleton University/Scotiabank Place
Carleton Ravens UBC Thunderbirds 87-77[8] Carleton University/Scotiabank Place
Saskatchewan Huskies UBC Thunderbirds 91-81[9] Carleton University/Scotiabank Place
Carleton Ravens Trinity Western Spartans 82-59[10] Halifax Metro Centre
Carleton Ravens Alberta Golden Bears 86-67[11] Halifax Metro Centre
Carleton Ravens Lakehead Thunderwolves 92-42 [12] Carleton University/Scotiabank Place
Carleton Ravens Ottawa Gee Gees 79-67 Carleton University/Canadian Tire Centre

Rank of teams by total number of CIS titles[edit]

School # Championships Last Championship
Carleton Ravens 10 2014
Victoria Vikes 8 1997
Saint Mary's Huskies 4 1999
Brandon Bobcats 4 1996
Windsor Lancers 4 1969
Alberta Golden Bears 3 2002
St. Francis Xavier X-Men 3 2001
Acadia Axemen 3 1977
Brock Badgers 2 2008
UBC Thunderbirds 2 1972
Saskatchewan Huskies 1 2010
Bishop's Gaiters 1 1998
Western Ontario Mustangs 1 1991
Concordia Stingers 1 1990
Manitoba Bisons 1 1976
Waterloo Warriors 1 1975
Guelph Gryphons 1 1974
Waterloo Lutheran Golden Hawks 1 1968
Assumption College 1 1963

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