W. Peter Gilbertson

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W. Peter Gilbertson
37th Mayor of La Crosse, WI
In office
Preceded by ..
Succeeded by Patrick Zielke

W. Peter Gilbertson was a La Crosse, Wisconsin area politician. He served as 37th mayor of La Crosse from 1971–1975.[1] While a south sider when elected, Gilbertson was the first person to live on the north side while in office.[2]

Mayor of La Crosse[edit]

It was under Gilbertson's reign as mayor that downtown La Crosse saw its most significant changes. Gilbertson, who would veto the first 2.7 million dollar plan, was instrumental in revitalizing the riverfront by bringing in the new Harborview Plaza. The eventual plan would cost the city over 30 million dollars. Originally calling for a fourteen-story office building, a twelve-story hotel, and a boardwalk/mall, the city eventually went with a ten story office building and an eight story hotel. The boardwalk never materialized, but seven years after the original plans were approved, a new Civic Center was included in the Harborview plans. Today, the Radisson Hotel, La Crosse Players Statue and Mall, US Bank Place, the vacant former FirstLogic/Heileman Corporate Headquarters, and the La Crosse Center constitute Harborview Plaza.[3]


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