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(a Class-A station)
Detroit, Michigan
Branding "TV 33"; "WHPR"; "UHF 68 Highland Park"
Channels Digital: 33 (UHF) (Construction Permit)
Affiliations Independent station
Owner LocusPoint Networks
(LocusPoint W33BY Licensee, LLC)
Founded August 31, 1990
Call letters' meaning W
Highland Park Radio
(unofficial calls, named after its sister radio station)
Former callsigns W68CH (1990-2003)
Former channel number(s) 68 (1990-2003)
33 (2003-2014)
Former affiliations The Box, AIN, UATV (1990-2000)
Transmitter power 4 kW/65 m
Website Official Site

WHPR is the unofficial call sign of TV channel 33 (officially called W33BY), and is a low-power broadcasting station based in Highland Park, Michigan. The station broadcasts from its studios at the corner of Victor and Brush Streets (near the intersection of Woodward Avenue and the Davison Freeway) in Highland Park, with its transmitter located near Burt Road and Capitol Avenue in the Weatherby section of Detroit, shared with radio stations WMUZ and WEXL.

The station is a Class-A operation, even though the station's official calls are still translator-style calls.

WHPR's web site mentions that it was carried on Comcast channel 20 in Detroit, but as of April 2011, it is unknown whether or not it is actually on Comcast's line-up. ("Local Origination" appears in this channel slot instead.)[1] Also, neither Bright House Livonia nor Cogeco Windsor has this channel in their line-ups.

Until December 4, 2014, W33BY was also the only remaining American station in the Metro Detroit area to still broadcast only in analog. On April 23, 2014, the station had announced that LocusPoint Networks was beginning procedures to purchase it, making it a sister to WDWO-CD and potential sister to WUDT-LD, if that station is allowed to be sold from Daystar to LocusPoint.[2] The sale closed successfully.


WHPR is the Detroit area's first Black-owned TV station since channel 62 (then WGPR) became a CBS affiliate. The station is owned by R.J. Watkins, who, in the late-1980s and early-1990s, hosted and produced a dance program for WGPR-TV, The New Dance Show.

The station's television airtime is occupied mostly by phone-in talk shows (most are radio simulcasts), televangelism, fundraising, traditional television commercials and apparently Bloomberg-inspired on-screen advertising, and recently added AWWL Big Time Wrestling to its line up. At night music videos are seen.

WHPR TV and Radio are also streamed online via their website.


The station started out as W68CH on channel 68 back in 1990, and branded itself as "UHF 68, Highland Park". The station "moved" to W33BY in November, 2001, but the station still operated on both channels. This continued until August 2002, when 33 and 68 carried separate schedules. Channel 68 would close down for good in September 2003. However, as of July 2006, TVguide.com still shows the station as on the air, carrying a schedule separate from W33BY. [1] As of current, however, the FCC database has no listings for W68CH, or any channel 68, in the Detroit area. Viewers in the area have confirmed that channel 68 is no longer broadcasting, and hasn't for quite some time.

They have since filed a construction permit to flash cut channel 33 to a digital signal, broadcasting at 4kw from facilities at its studios in Highland Park. The permit expires September 1, 2015, the date in which all low-powered television stations in the United States must convert to digital or close down, as per the FCC's digital conversion plan. The station converted to digital operations on December 4, 2014.

Former Callsigns[edit]

Here is a list of its former call signs, from most recent to oldest, from fccinfo.com.

  • W33BY from Oct 11 2002
  • W68CH from Jun 3 1999
  • W33BY from Jun 2 1999
  • W68CH from Jun 2 1999
  • DW68CH from Mar 12 1996 (D in callsign signifies deleted callsign)
  • W68CH from Aug 31 1990

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