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The WAMPAS Baby Stars was a promotional campaign sponsored by the United States Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers, which honored thirteen (fifteen in 1932) young women each year whom they believed to be on the threshold of movie stardom. They were selected from 1922 to 1934, and annual awardees were honored at a party called the "WAMPAS Frolic". Those selected were given extensive media coverage. The awards were not given in 1930 and 1933. They ended after 1934, due to objections from the movie studios because of the independence of the advertisers in promoting people different from those the studios wanted to raise.[citation needed]

List of WAMPAS Baby Stars[edit]


In 1956, a group of veteran stars, among them 1932 WAMPAS Baby Star Ginger Rogers, chose a bevy of beauties supposed to be known as The Wampas Baby Stars. However, there was no longer any Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers and the idea fizzled. The selection took place nevertheless and 15 "babies" were chosen: Phyllis Applegate, Roxanne Arlen, Jolene Brand, Donna Cooke, Barbara Huffman (later known as Barbara Eden), Jewell Lain, Barbara Marx, Lita Milan, Norma Nilsson, Ina Poindexter, Violet Rensin, Dawn Richard, and Delfin Thursday.[1]



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Further reading

  • The Wampas Baby Stars: A Biographical Dictionary, 1922–1934 (ISBN 0-7864-0756-5) includes biographies of every actress selected, including lists of films in which she appeared.

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