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Jackson, Mississippi
Channels Analog: 8 (VHF)
Digital: no
Affiliations silent
Owner Community Television Network
Founded 1990?
Former affiliations Video Jukebox Network / The Box (1990-2000)
infomercials (2005)
UATV (2005-2006)
America One (2006-2007?)
Website www.wbxk.com

WBXK-CA (channel 8) was Jackson, Mississippi's America One affiliate, broadcasting at 910 watts from a location on Jackson's west side.


It began broadcasting in January 1990 as W08CU, and was an over-the-air music-video outlet.

In the 1990s, WBXK was affiliated with the Video Jukebox Network, which was renamed The Box in 1991. The station's "programming" was basically music videos requested by non-cable viewers in the greater Jackson area.

On September 1, 1995, the station's call letters changed from W08CU to WBXK.

In 2001, WBXK remained a music video station even though it inevitably became an over-the-air MTV 2 affiliate (at the time known as M2, which absorbed The Box that year).

In mid-January 2005, WBXK had switched to an all-informercial format for about two weeks. On February 2, WBXK flipped to Urban America Television, flipping again to its next network, America One, in April 2006.

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