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The World Eightball Pool Federation is an international pool (pocket billiards) governing body overseeing international (principally Commonwealth) tournaments and rankings in a game variant, using unnumbered yellow and red balls, called "eight-ball pool" or "eightball pool" (sometimes simply called "eight-ball" or "eightball", which is ambiguous, as those terms generally refer to the numbered-ball, world-standardized game, often called American-style pool). WEPF competes for authority and membership with the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), which produces its own tournaments and slightly different rules under the game name blackball.

The current[when?] men's champion is England's Mick Hill who beat fellow countryman and three times champion Gareth Potts 11-8 in the Final. In the ladies event, Sue Thompson of Scotland defeated Northern Ireland's Emma Cunningham 8-4. The tournaments were held at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, UK in 2010.[1]

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