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Environmental movement in South Africa

The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA; previously known as the Wildlife Society of Southern Africa and still earlier as Wild Life Protection and Conservation Society) is a non-government environmental organization (NGO) of South Africa, was established in 1926, but its origins go back to the 1890s.

Relevance to establishment of other conservation bodies[edit]

The organisation in 1926 – largely through the efforts and support of Sydney Skaife[1] materialising in 1929 in the establishment of the Wild Life Protection and Conservation Society – helped to establish the National Parks Board of South Africa, and the (official) proclamation of the Kruger National Park.[1]


Nationally WESSA produces two magazines:

  • Environment - People and Conservation in Africa has replaced African Wildlife.
  • EnviroKids, started as an insert in African Wildlife in 1972, became Toktokkie magazine in 1976, and changed name to EnviroKids magazine in 1998. The intent is to promote environmental awareness in children.

Each Region produces its own monthly or bi-monthly newsletter.

WESSA participates in the activities of the international Foundation for Environmental Education and has earned several of its Blue Flag beach certifications.

Wessa supports the international Eco-Schools Programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education. The South African effort was launched in 2003.

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