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Industry Information security and Identity management
Founded 1999
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Key people
Carlos Creus Moreira (CEO),(Chairman)
Website www.wisekey.com

WISeKey is a digital information security, authentication, and identity management company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with subsidiaries around the world. WISeKey’s network of services provide millions of users with privacy, trust and peace of mind. WISeKey also solves advanced e-security issues for organizations in many important sectors including defense, health, education, finance, government and international sports.


In 1999, WISeKey was co-founded by Carlos Creus Moreira and Philippe Doubre. They created and launched a Root Certification Authority service and named it “WISeKey” which stands for “World Internet Security”, the “e” being a mnemonic symbol for electronic and “Key” representing the root-based Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”). In its first years, WISeKey operated Root Certification Authority services. WISeKey took a special interest in contributing to e-Government solutions, such as the electronic voting or e-voting system implemented in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, the Citizen Service Platform implemented for the government of Biscay, Spain, and current initiatives to help governments establish digital ID programs.


WISeKey uses distributed root-based PKI and Trusted Electronic Identification (“eID”) technologies to provide identification, authentication, and encryption services through the use of digital certificates.

Initially, WISeKey developed its CertifyID product line to protect financial transactions, secure email, authenticate web sites, all tightly integrated with the Windows Server platform.

WISeKey root systems, backed by OISTE, are created and maintained in secure military bunkers under the Swiss Alps and operated by the Swiss Army. Because of Swiss confidentiality laws, no private or government body can force the root key to be divulged. This guarantees that all information and data encrypted through OISTE/WISeKey certificates remain secure. No other infrastructure of its kind exists in such a high security environment, with the level of neutrality and protection afforded by stringent Swiss confidentiality and security laws.


WISeKey has a family of interoperable, standards-based PKI products designed to enable, manage and simplify the use of digital certificates in Internet and e-business applications. WISeKey’s best- in-class technologies allow them to deploy solutions more easily and cost-efficiently.

WISeID Password Manager[edit]

Carlos Moreira has been a strong advocate for the protection of consumer data being compiled on a daily basis by companies and social networks. No regulations are in place to police how this data is used, or even to define standards around the security around the storage of this data. This compiled data is personally identifiable information (PII) that can be used to identify or trace a unique individual, or make that person vulnerable to hacking. It is WISeKey’s philosophy that any agency collecting PII has the responsibility to keep it secure and use it only in a responsible, transparent manner, of which the consumer is advised in advance and has the option to opt out.[1]

WISeKey’s WISeID is an encrypted password manager which includes secured data storage to protect PII. WISeID lets you access websites through the app with one click and send encrypted messages through any service. The personal data collected in WISeID is decentralized on stored on your device or devices; WISeKey does not store your data or your passwords, so there is no threat of a centralize database system being infiltrated, and thus your personal information is not vulnerable to attack or theft.[2]

The Things category deserves special mention. Users interested in protecting their belongings can snap photos from within the app, record serial numbers, enter warranty information, and otherwise create a record of ownership.[3]

Digital brand protection[edit]

WISeKey is a global leader in the new field of digital brand protection. WISeKey’s WISeAuthentic[4] can ensure the authenticity of valuables both online and physically from the moment of creation to the end user and beyond.

WISeAuthentic technology is based on WISeKey’s PKI technology, already proven to certify the identity of individuals. The idea for WISeAuthentic was derived directly from WISeKey's expertise in PKI, realizing that the digital authentication could extend to devices, products, and goods.[5] WISeAuthentic consists of creating an electronic guarantee certificate with an algorithm, which contains the item identity code and is securely stored on a SmartCard that also enables privileged access to a reserved space on the brand’s website. This system is impossible to break or replicate.,[6][7]

The system can provide assistance to the police and customs officials. In addition to offering personalized solutions for digitally identifying authentic brand items, WISeAuthentic also provides direct sales information to the manufacturer and allows control over the grey market.[8]

Online Trust Solutions[edit]

For most corporations, organizations, governments and even individuals, protection of online communications and data is of critical importance. WISeKey provides a 100% assured level of security through personal, corporate and server (SSL) digital certificates. They also secure and protect corporate data with trusted archiving, invoicing and other innovative security technologies.

WISeKey sponsors Alinghi[edit]

WISeKey was named the sole provider of Alinghi’s electronic security solutions, sponsored the club for its 2007 defense, and was one of the two main sponsors of Alinghi’s defense of the America’s Cup 2010. WISeKey developed state-of-the-art digital security systems to protect Alinghi’s operations, brand, and sailing technology during the race, an event with a huge global following, which befits its status as one of the world’s oldest sporting events[9]> [10]

Spy Kids 4 iPhone App[edit]

WISeKey recently partnered with Dimension Films and Troublemaker Studios to develop the Spy Kids: All the Time in the World mobile app, for the fourth installment of the action series by acclaimed film-maker Robert Rodriguez. In addition to official videos, wallpapers, and games, the Spy Kids app features WISeKey’s encryption technology to create “secret messages”. A text message entered into the app will be encrypted and sent to a friend’s mobile device, and only those with the Spy Kids app will be able to decode the message.[11]

Public sector solutions[edit]

WISeKey offers governments and public sector entities the trust of its secure technology as well as the freedom from geopolitical constraints to enable national identity systems, e-voting and e-health platforms.

E-voting in the Canton of Geneva[edit]

For the State of Geneva, an e-voting system was introduced by the Chancellor of the State of Geneva in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard and WISeKey. This public-private sector partnership developed a solution compatible with the Swiss voting habits and legal constraints. WISeKey played a crucial role in security of the e-voting system to guarantee the secrecy of voting and to make sure that votes are not intercepted, modified, nor diverted, and to ensure that many other conditions of secrecy were fulfilled. The success of the e-voting project in Geneva, prompted the Swiss Federal Government to continue this experiment at the federal level.[12]

Mobile Solutions[edit]

WISeKey protects the privacy of people on the move by securing their mobile phone communications and data. WISeKey helps individuals make and receive payments, access bank accounts, even enables people to make personal, customized connections with their favorite groups and teams through a new proprietary system called WISfans.


WISfans is a digital platform developed by Swiss-based digital identity management leader WISeKey that connects iconic global brands and organizations to their fan-based ecosystems. WISfans Apps keep fans connected and engaged, on and off the field, through a digital 'clubhouse' that taps into the fan base, centralizes and manages all pertinent, customized content. As of 2013, WISfan Apps have been created for numerous premier sports organizations around the world, including:

- Oracle Team USA


- CR Flamengo

- FCB Connect-FC Barcelona (Barca)

- Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) 2013


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