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The WIVB-TV Tower is a 321.9 meter (1,056.1 ft.) tall guyed steel mast at 8242 Center Street (north of Partridge Road) in Colden, New York, United States. The tower, which is also known as LIN TV Tower was completed in 1948 and is used by WIVB for TV broadcasting and by WTSS 102.5FM for radio broadcasting.

At the time of its completion, it was the second-tallest structure in the world.

The tower is located in a farm field and fenced off near the entrance from Center Street. There is second shorter tower located next to it is the original tower from 1948.

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Coordinates: 42°39′33″N 78°37′32″W / 42.65917°N 78.62556°W / 42.65917; -78.62556