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City of license WNML: Knoxville, Tennessee
WNML-FM: Friendsville, Tennessee
WNRX: Jefferson City, Tennessee
Broadcast area East Tennessee
Branding The Sports Animal
Frequency WNML: 990 kHz
WNML-FM: 99.1 MHz
WNRX: 99.3 MHz
First air date WNML:: 1921 (as WNOX)
WNML-FM: 1989
WNRX: 1977
Format Sports/Talk
Power WNML: 10,000 watts
ERP WNML-FM: 6,000 watts
WNRX: 940 watts
HAAT WNML-FM: 100 meters
WNRX: 199 meters
Class WNML: B
Facility ID WNML: 16894
WNML-FM: 7998
WNRX: 18403
Transmitter coordinates WNML:
36°02′33.00″N 83°53′59.00″W / 36.0425000°N 83.8997222°W / 36.0425000; -83.8997222
35°47′10.00″N 84°17′24.00″W / 35.7861111°N 84.2900000°W / 35.7861111; -84.2900000
36°04′28.00″N 83°34′56.00″W / 36.0744444°N 83.5822222°W / 36.0744444; -83.5822222
Callsign meaning ANiMaL
Former callsigns WNML:
WNOX (before 4/5/1988, and 8/25/1997 to 5/9/2005)
WNOX-FM (8/25/1997 to 5/9/2005)
WNOX (10/15/1991 to 8/25/1997)
WLOD-FM (9/26/1988 to 10/15/1991) [2]
WEZG (9/12/1994 to 6/7/2004)
WUSK (2/11/1994 to 9/12/1994)
WNDD (9/1/1992 to 2/11/1994)[3]
Affiliations CBS Sports Radio
Tennessee Smokies Radio Network
Tennessee Volunteers' "Vol Network"
Owner Cumulus Media
Sister stations WIVK, WOKI
Webcast Listen Live
Website sportsanimal99.com

WNML, WNML-FM, and WNRX (branded as The Sports Animal) are sports radio stations serving the Knoxville, Tennessee area. They broadcast on 990 AM-(WNML) and 2 FM frequencies, 99.1 FM-(WNML-FM) & 99.3 FM-(WNRX). The stations are under ownership of Cumulus Media. The Sports Animal is currently affiliated with CBS Sports Radio, switching from affiliations with Yahoo! Sports Radio on January 2, 2013, and serve as flagships for both the Tennessee Smokies Southern League Baseball radio network, as well as the Tennessee Volunteers' statewide radio network ("The Vol Network").

History of the 99.1 frequency[edit]

The 99.1 frequency signed on as WLOD-FM in 1989, changing to the letters WNOX-FM in 1991. Formats included smooth jazz ("Double 99", simulcast with WNDD) and urban adult contemporary (X-99). Later, WNOX-FM joined the 990 frequency of news/talk WNOX.[4][5]

History of the 99.3 frequency[edit]

WSBM played gospel music in 1979. WKJQ Q-99 was adult contemporary and WJFC-FM played country music. WNDD played smooth jazz along with WNOX-FM, with the two stations calling themselves "Double 99". Then WNDD played country again with the letters WUSK "US-99". As WEZG, the station was adult contemporary "Easy 99", then CHR "Electric 99", and country once again as "I-99", followed by oldies and Spanish.[4][5]

According to RadioDiscussions.com, WNRX is currently silent. On April 11, 2014, it was reported that Cumulus Media had sold WNRX to Lakeway Broadcasting for $15,000.[6]


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