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WOMEX (short for WOrld Music EXpo) is an international world music support and development project based in Berlin, whose main event is an exposition held annually in different locations throughout Europe. It integrates a trade fair, showcases, conferences, film screenings, networking sessions, and awards. Musicians and their labels have the possibility to make contacts for international touring and album distribution.[1]

For 2009-2011, WOMEX was hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark in a new partnership with WorldMusicFair Copenhagen, a consortium of the Roskilde Festival, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and tourist organization Wonderful Copenhagen. Additional partners were the events producers Welcome, the Danish Center for Culture and Development, Global CPH and World Music Denmark. Other locations of past WOMEX events: Berlin (1994, 1999, 2000), Brussels (1995), Marseille (1997), Stockholm (1998), Rotterdam (2001), Essen (2002, 2004), Newcastle upon Tyne (2005) and Seville (2003, 2006, 2007, 2008).

WOMEX 12 was held in Thessaloniki, and WOMEX 13 in Cardiff.[2] The 2014 edition of WOMEX will be held in Santiago de Compostela, and next year's edition will take the trade fair to Budapest.


WOMEX runs the last October weekend of every year. Registration begins on Wednesday, when the opening ceremony is held. Conference attendees can visit the opening event, the conference program, the trade fair, the showcases on the evening of Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the WOMEX awards on Sunday, the last day of the event. Although WOMEX is primarily intended for professionals and trade visitors within the world music scene, locals and tourists can buy tickets for most of the evening showcases.


WOMEX was begun in 1994 by current President Christoph Borkowsky.[1]


Each year, WOMEX presents an award to artists or professionals for special achievements in the international music industry. Since 2006 WOMEX, in coordination with World Music Charts Europe, has presented three Top Label Awards for the labels who had the most chart topping CDs.

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