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Greenwich, New York
Channels Analog: 25 (UHF)
Affiliations Outside Television (since early 2000s)
Owner Wireless Access, LLC
Founded october 2, 1997
Call letters' meaning W
Group (former owner)
Former callsigns W04AS (until 1997)
W25CF (1997-98)
Former affiliations UPN (1998-2000)
Independent (early 2000s)
Transmitter power 79.1 kW

WVBG-LP is an low-power television station that broadcasts on UHF channel 25 from the Pinnacle Campsite area on the Helderberg Escarpment.

The station signed on in 1998 as an affiliate of UPN. However, in 2000, it would lose its affiliation to cable-only WEDG-TV, which would later go off-the-air in favor of WNYA. The station was forced to go independent, but later joined the Resort Sports Network, now known as Outside Television, based in Portland, Maine.

Until 2000, WVBG was, under Vision Broadcasting, co-owned with two other low-power stations, WVBK-LP channel 49 in Manchester, Vermont (now on channel 2) and WVBX-LP channel 47 in Glens Falls, New York (now WNYA-CA channel 15, the Albany repeater for WNYA), which both served as repeaters for the station. This network was broken up in 2000, when WVBG was sold to a group of rural telephone companies in Upstate New York and Vermont.

WVBG has a construction permit to move to channel 41 and increase its effective radiated power to 150 kilowatts, the Federal Communications Commission's maximum power for low-power stations. The station will relocate its transmitter to Clarksville, New York, on the other side of the Heidelberg Mountains. As of 2008 WVBG had a new digital CP to change on channel 41 to digital transmission. Station currently is dark and has been for some time.

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Coordinates: 42°37′38″N 74°00′42″W / 42.62722°N 74.01167°W / 42.62722; -74.01167