WWA International Cruiserweight Championship

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The WWA International Cruiserweight Championship was the Cruiserweight championship for the Australian based wrestling promotion World Wrestling All-Stars.

Title history[edit]

Wrestlers Reign Date Location Event Notes
Psicosis 1 October 19, 2001 Perth, Western Australia Live event Defeated Juventud Guerrera to become the inaugural Champion.[1]
vacant N/A N/A N/A Vacated to recognize the title change on PPV.[1]
Juventud Guerrera 1 October 26, 2001 Sydney, Australia WWA Inception Defeated Psicosis in a Ladder match.[1]
Psicosis 2 December 8, 2001 Glasgow, Scotland Live event [1]
Eddie Guerrero 1 February 24, 2002 Las Vegas, Nevada WWA Revolution [1]
vacant N/A N/A N/A Championship became vacant when Eddie Guerrero left for the World Wrestling Federation.[1]
A.J. Styles 1 April 13, 2002 Melbourne, Australia WWA Eruption Defeated Jerry Lynn in a tournament final.[1]
vacant N/A N/A N/A Championship became vacant when A.J. Styles left for TNA Wrestling.[1]
Jerry Lynn 1 May 21, 2003 Sydney, Australia Live event Defeated Chris Sabin in a tournament final.[1]
Chris Sabin 1 May 25, 2003 Auckland, New Zealand WWA Reckoning Won a Four Corners match, also involving Johnny Swinger and Kazarian to unify the title with the TNA X-Division Championship.[1]

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