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Orlando, Florida
Channels Analog: 36 (UHF)
Affiliations América Tevé
Owner L4 Media Group
Former affiliations The Box (until 2001)
MTV2 (2001-2004, 2006-2007(?))
Mas Musica (2004-2006)
America CV (2007-2012)

WZXZ-CA is a Class A low-powered television station affiliated with América Tevé in Orlando, Florida. It is owned by L4 Media Group, and broadcasts on UHF channel 36 (analog).

The station originally signed on as an affiliate of The Box. Following The Box's acquisition by Viacom in 2001, it began carrying programming from MTV2.

From 2004 to late summer of 2006, WZXZ carried the Spanish music video channel Mas Musica, now known as MTV Tr3́s. However, when Mas Musica became MTV Tr3́s, WZXZ resumed simulcast of MTV2 for a short period of time, rather than picking up MTV Tr3́s, for unknown reasons.

For some part of later 2006, it had shown a repeated loop of a religious infomercial. This was the last actual programming shown on the channel. For most of 2007, the station was broadcasting nothing but the screen saver from a DVD player, accompanied by an outdated severe weather warning crawl across the screen.

Most recently, sometime around the start of January 2008, the station was transmitting a color bar test pattern with call letters displayed via CHARGEN overlay. This is presumably due to no station ID being displayed per FCC requirements for some time (aside from when the EAS-triggered warnings would occasionally be scrolled).

As of September 2008, the station started airing Caribevision, a Spanish television network based out of Miami and New York City.

on August 13, 2012 WZXZ-CA began broadcasting América Tevé programming after America CV folded.

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