Waar Parriwar

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Waar Parriwar
The promotional logo image of "Waar Parriwar".
Created by Saibaba Telefilms, Thought Vendors, Rajeev Arora, Dr. Abhishek Dwivedi
Directed by Rajeev Arora, Dr. Abhishek Dwivedi, Vibhore Ratna, Pankaj Purandare
Presented by Urmila Matondkar
Country of origin India
No. of episodes Total 45 (including finale)
Producer(s) Saibaba Telefilms
Running time Approx. 52 Minutes
Original channel Sony TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run April 28, 2008 – August 24, 2008
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Waar Parriwar was a singing reality television show that aired 3 days a week (Monday to Wednesday) on Sony TV in 2008. It featured Bollywood's actress Urmila Matondkar as the host, and Jatin Pandit as the in-house guru and trainer to the competing families.[1] Starting on July 9, the show aired 2 days a week instead of 3 days due to the launch of a new reality show Kabhi Kabhii Pyaar Kabhi Kabhii Yaar.


The show is a unique show which seamlessly blends, family bond with their love for music. It followed the journey of families from across India – their trials and tribulations, highs of victory and disappointment of defeat, their love for each other during tough times and eventually culminate in finding “Sangeet Ka Naya Gharana”. The families competed against each other to win the title of best "Sangeet Ka Naya Gharana".

The show was judged by different celebrity judges each week and by India’s foremost music families combined with audience voting.

  • The wildcard entry took place on Monday July 14 in which Ali Ghani Parriwar and Ramshankar Parriwar (now known as Shambhu Pandit Parriwar) have won among all other participants.


  • Sharma Parriwar - Winner
  • Ali Parriwar - Runner-up

Celebrity judges[edit]


Family Name Members From Status Status Date Elimination
Sharma Parriwar Haneet Taneja; Arvind Gujral; Amit Sharma Punjab Winner August 24, 2008 WINNERS!
Ali Parriwar Yasoob Ali; Misbah Ali; Mehboob Ali Uttar Pradesh Runnerup August 24, 2008 Finale
Chaturvedi Parriwar Rishabh Chaturvedi; Meenu Chaturvedi; Anuj Chaturvedi Punjab Eliminated August 11, 2008 Week 16
Ali Ghani Parriwar Amjad Ali; Ghani Mohammad; Ali Mohammad Rajasthan Eliminated/
August 4, 2008/
July 14, 2008/
July 7, 2008
Week 15/
Week 12/
Week 11
Rizvi Parriwar Neha Rizvi; Runaa Rizvi; Raj Kumar Rizvi Rajasthan Eliminated July 28, 2008 Week 14
Ramshankar Parriwar
(Shambhu Pandit Parriwar)
Pradeep Pandit; Ekta Sharma; Ram Shankar Rajasthan Eliminated/
July 21, 2008/
July 14, 2008/
June 23, 2008
Week 13/
Week 12/
Week 9
Khadilkar Parriwar Tiagra Khadilkar; Amruta Natu; Radnyi Khadilkar Maharashtra Eliminated June 30, 2008 Week 10
Chellam Parriwar Subhash Chellam; Lavanya Chellam; Abhilasha Chellam Maharashtra Eliminated June 10, 2008 Week 7
Trijayh Parriwar Trijayh De; Abhi Dutta; Swastika Maitra West Bengal Eliminated June 3, 2008 Week 6
Rathore Parriwar Mahipal Rathore; Pooja Rathore; Gopal Rathore Rajasthan Eliminated May 20, 2008 Week 5
Moyal Parriwar Harish Moyal; Mahesh Moyal; Premlata Moyal Madhya Pradesh Eliminated May 13, 2008 Week 3
Bhagwat Parriwar Madhav Bhagwat; Suchitra Bhagwat; Akshay Bhagwat Maharashtra Eliminated May 6, 2008 Week 2


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