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WACS Lyrical is the official student-run newspaper/newsboard of Westminster Abbey Choir School. It provides interesting news and fun competitions for the whole school to enjoy. Such Competitions as the "Pudding Competition" where competitors enter a pudding of their choice and the winning entry gets their pudding made for the whole school to taste. The board is currently run by 5 year 8 boys (Form 5). At Halloween, Christmas and Easter etc. the board is specially decorated with jokes, pictures and stories.


WACS Lyrical was invented in 2003. It first appeared as a newspaper, published every week for the Choir School. Then, it was an intranet, constantly being refreshed. But then, the current Headmaster (Jonathan Milton) dedicated a notice board, which is still present to this day. Some of the most memorable editors were from 2009-2011, the peak of WACS lyrical excellence. These editors will be remembered in History as some of the most amazing to have walked the earth. The supporters of these heroes campaign to have a memorial erected in memory of them.


Wacs Lyrical has hosted various events, such as a 3 km charity run on Dean's Yard, in the precincts of Westminster Abbey in aid of WaterAid. They managed to raise £594.94. The following year two of WACS Lyrical's memorable and acclaimed editors organised another 3 km run in aid of RNLI, and they managed to raise a sum in excess of £1300. There have been many Competitions but the Pudding Competition (see above) is one of the most popular. A previous winner has been "Chocolate Delight" and "Chocolate Surprise" which consists of a pancake with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce etc. The recipe of this year's winner is as follows:

1.Make a pancake 2.Add two scoops of chocolate ice cream onto the pancake 3.Then cover it with chocolate sauce 4.To finish,sprinkle on some hundreds and thousands.

Weekly installments[edit]

Each week, a voting activity is updated, entitled 'Top Five of Anything'. By the name you can tell that there are five choices given in a particular subject (e.g.Pets, London landmarks, types of dogs etc.). Any student or member of staff can vote for their favourite of the category and the results are read out to the school. News is also updated daily.


WACS Lyrical has a website.

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