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Wade Avenue
Major junctions
west end: I‑40 near Raleigh, North Carolina
  I‑440 / US 1 in Raleigh, North Carolina NC 50 / US 70 in Raleigh, North Carolina
east end: US 401 / US 70 / NC 50 in Raleigh, North Carolina
Highway system
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Wade Avenue (western segment also known as Raleigh-Chapel Hill Expressway or Wade Avenue Extension) is a major road in the The Triangle region of North Carolina that links Interstate 40, Interstate 440 (Cliff Benson Beltline), and downtown Raleigh. The western segment of this road is a four-lane freeway and the eastern segment is an urban boulevard; I-440 beltway splits the segments. Wade Avenue provides a shortcut to North Raleigh for I-40 traffic (to and from Durham) via I-440; thus, along the west segment the eastbound direction is signed as TO I-440 and the westbound direction is signed as TO I-40. Wade Avenue's eastern terminus is at US 401 (Capital Boulevard), shortly after an interchange with US 70/NC 50 (Glenwood Avenue).

The Wade Avenue/I-440/US 1 interchange is subject to frequent traffic jams, as is the Wade Avenue/I-40 interchange. The first exit off Wade Avenue traveling east (Edwards Mill Road) is commonly used as a way to get to the PNC Arena and Carter-Finley Stadium, which are easily visible from the freeway. The Blue Ridge Road exit is commonly used as a route to get to the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.

Wade Avenue is designated Secondary Road 1728 from I-40 to Glenwood Avenue. The short piece east of Glenwood Avenue carries US 70 and NC 50.[1] Prior to the completion of I-40 to South Raleigh (and on to Wilmington), and the southern portion of the Beltline (I-440), I-40 was temporarily signed along Wade Avenue's western segment, where it terminated at the Raleigh Beltline, which was then just U.S. Highway 1/64.

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