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Wadi Al-Salaam (Arabic وادي السلام; Valley of Peace) is an Islamic cemetery, located in the Shia holy city of Najaf, Iraq. It is the largest cemetery in the world.[1] It is estimated that during the Iraq War about 200 to 250 corpses were buried a day, but in 2010 this number had gone down to under a hundred.[2] The cemetery covers 1,485.5 acres (601.16 ha; 6.01 km2; 2.32 sq mi) and contains some 5 million bodies.[3] Daily burials have been on going for over 1,400 years, the site is on the Tentative List of UNESCO's World Heritage sites.[4]

The cemetery holds the graves of many Muslims, and is located near the shrine of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, the 1st Imam for Shiasm and also the first caliph of Islam according to Shiasm and the fourth according to Sunnism.[2] Thus, many Shiites in Iraq request that they be buried in this cemetery.[2] Grand Ayatollah Shaheed Imam Baqir as Sadr is buried here

Panorama of Wadi-us-Salaam

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