Wadi Mathendous

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Engraving of The Fighting Cats (aka. Meercatze) is considered iconic of Wadi Mathendous
Engraving of giraffes at Wadi Mathendous
Engraving of elephant at Wadi Mathendous

Wadi Mathendous is a prehistoric archeological site in Mesak Settafet of the Fezzan region in southwestern Libya. The Saharan desert site is famous for its petroglyphs (rock engravings) of different subjects. The animals engraved include elephants, giraffes, aurochs, and crocodiles (dated about 8000 years ago).

On postage stamps[edit]

The General Posts and Telecommunications Company of the Libyan government at the time, dedicated an issue of postage stamps to the rock engravings of Wadi Mathendous. The issue is made of five stamps and was released in 1978, January 1st (ref. Scott catalogue n.711-715 - Michel catalogue n.624-628).[1]

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