Wadi Qattara Dam

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Wadi Qattara Dam
Wadi Qattara Dam is located in Libya
Wadi Qattara Dam
Location of Wadi Qattara Dam
Country Libya
Location Benghazi
Coordinates 32°01′36″N 20°24′18″E / 32.02667°N 20.40500°E / 32.02667; 20.40500Coordinates: 32°01′36″N 20°24′18″E / 32.02667°N 20.40500°E / 32.02667; 20.40500
Status Operational
Construction began 1968
Opening date 1971
Dam and spillways
Impounds Wadi Qattara
Height 55 m (180 ft)[1]
Length 365 m (1,198 ft)
Spillway capacity Spillway: 92 m3/s (3,249 cu ft/s)
Outlet works: 148 m3/s (5,227 cu ft/s)
Total: 240 m3/s (8,476 cu ft/s)
Total capacity 135,000,000 m3 (109,446 acre·ft)[2]
Catchment area 1,224 km2 (473 sq mi)
Surface area 18 km2 (7 sq mi)

The Wadi Qattara Dam, also referred to as Gattara or Al-Qattarah, is a clay-fill embankment dam located on Wadi Al-Qattara, 33 km (21 mi) east of Benghazi in Libya. Together with a secondary dam located 10 km (6 mi) downstream at 31°59′43″N 20°20′04″E / 31.99528°N 20.33444°E / 31.99528; 20.33444 (Wadi Qattara Secondary Dam) and seven drop structures, the scheme was constructed after floods damaged the Benghazi area in 1938 and 1954. They were also constructed for irrigation water supply. Construction of the dams began in 1968 and was completed in 1971.[3][4] However, a flood in 1979 severely damaged the main dam and destroyed the secondary dam downstream.[5] The main dam was rehabilitated and the secondary dam was replaced with a rock-fill dam between 2000 and 2004 at a cost of US$30 million. The main dam was heightened 7 m (23 ft) and its total discharge capacity was increased to 240 m3/s (8,476 cu ft/s). Both dams were designed by Coyne et Bellier.[6]


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