Wadi el Jilat

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Wadi el Jilat
Alternate name Jilat
Region Jordan
Type Wadi
Area 150 square metres (0.015 ha) drainage catchment
Periods PPNB
Cultures Neolithic
Site notes
Archaeologists Andrew Garrard, Sue Colledge
Condition Ruins

Wadi el Jilat is an archaeological site containing Wadi el Jilat 7, an early Neolithic archeological site 55 kilometres (34 mi) southwest of Azraq in modern-day Jordan.[1]

The earliest domesticated grains of einkorn wheat known to humanity were found at this site and Radiocarbon dated to 9500 to 9200 B.P. (approx. 7500 - 7200 B.C.).[2]