Wael Kfoury

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Wael Kfoury
Birth name Michel Émile Kfoury
Also known as Wael
Born (1974-09-15) September 15, 1974 (age 40)
Origin Zahlé, Lebanon
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer, musician, songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1992 – present
Labels Rotana Records

Michel Emile Kfoury (born September 15, 1974 in Hawch al Oumara, Zahlé, Lebanon), known by his stage name Wael Kfoury ( وائل كفوري), is a Lebanese singer, musician and songwriter. He was the son of Emile Kfoury and Hoda Charbel Charbel, both Lebanese.[1]


Wael studied solfege, a type of singing style, at "USEK".[2]

Commercial deals[edit]

Kfoury signed a publicity campaign deal for PepsiCo's PepsiArabia affiliate.[3][4] Kfoury was a star of PepsiCo sponsored "Bahr el Noujoum" (meaning of Sea of Stars)[5] with a number of others.

In February 2009, he announced cooperation with LG Electronics for a search for future music stars.[6]

Artist's activities[edit]

In August 2011, Wael Kfoury launched a tennis tournament that runs under his patronage and his management team. The tournament is entitled "Kfoury First In".[7]

Personal life[edit]

Kfoury was married in Cyprus, in a civil ceremony, to Angela Bechara and kept their relationship and marriage secret for a while from the press. The couple have a daughter named Michella who was born September 10, 2011. She was given her name from the feminine equivalent of her father's real name Michel.[8]


  • 1994: Shafouha w Sarou Y'oulou ( شافوها وصارو يقولوا)
  • 1995: Mayyet Fiki ( ميت فيكي)
  • 1996: Ba'd el Sentayn ( بعد السنتين)
  • 1997: Tna'shar Shaher ( اتنعشر شهر)
  • 1998: Shubbak el Houb ( شباك الحب )
  • 1999: Hikayat 'Asheq ( حكاية عاشق)
  • 2000: Sa'alouni ( سألوني)
  • 2001: Shou Ra'yak ( شو رأيك)
  • 2003: Oumry Killo ( عمري كلو)
  • 2005: Qorb Liyya ( قرب ليى)
  • 2006: Bhebak ana ktyr ( بحبك أنا كتير)
  • 2007: Byihenn ( بيحنّ)
  • 2010: Kfoury Classic perfect
  • 2012: Ya Dalli Ya Rou7i (يا ضلي يا روحي)


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