Wadjiginy language

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Native to Australia
Region Daly River
Native speakers
unknown (12 cited 1988)[1]
Patjtjamalh (Wadyginy)
Pungupungu (Kandjerramalh)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 wdj
AIATSIS[2] N31, N11
Glottolog wadj1254[3]
Linguasphere 28-fbb-a

Wadjiginy, also known as Wagaydy, is an unclassified Australian Aboriginal language, perhaps an isolate.

Wadjiginy (Wadyiginy, Wagaydy, Wogaity) is the name of the people; the language is Patjtjamalh (Batjamalh, Batytyamalh).[2]

Wadjiginy is not known to be related to any other language, though it has borrowed grammatical and lexical material from neighboring Northern Daly languages.[2] Tryon (1987) notes that it is 80% cognate with Pungupungu (AKA Kandjerramalh (Kenderramalh), Kuwema),[4] but there are serious grammatical differences that prevent them from being considered dialects.


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