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2013 Wagn logo.png
Developer(s) Grass Commons
Stable release 1.12.0 / 11 September 2013
Operating system Cross-platform
License GNU General Public License (GPL)
Website Wagn.org

Wagn is a wiki application written in Ruby on Rails, which incorporates a wiki, a database, and a content management system.[1] Wagn was developed under Grass Commons by Lewis Hoffman and Ethan McCutchen with the intention of it being a collaborative and community building tool.[2]

Wagn was created with the help of a grant from Meyer Memorial Trust and its first larger scale implementation was for Connectipedia, a wiki for nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest region of America.

Wagn was praised by Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki, who said, "Wagn lets you express fairly complex relationships in a way that's simple, but powerful, making it one of the freshest contributions to wiki since I coined the term."[3]


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