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Wainui Church

Wainui Beach is a small settlement on the coast of New Zealand's North Island, located just to the north of Tuaheni Point, some 8 km to the east of Gisborne, to which it is linked by State Highway 35. As of the 2006 census, Wainui Beach had a usually resident population of 1,515.[1]

The beach is one of the NZ Automobile Association's 101 Must-do places for Kiwis.[2] It is noted for its consistent surf breaks.[3] Wainui Beach's most notable residents have been the Quinn family, which contains three national champion surfers - brothers Maz and Jay, and sister Holly.

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Wainui Beach is a wonderful place to grow up, with a great community. Speaking from experience (I was born and raised at 31 Murphy Road, Tuahine Point end of Wainui) the beach is moody, has a personality, and brings the people together in their enjoyment of it. Growing up I always thought of the Tuahine point end as the 'real' Wainui, with houses running along the beach front overlooking the beach, as distinct from the Okitu end, where the closest residents could get to the beach was a view across the highway. But I'm bias. The last year I was at primary school there were only 96 kids, and 5 boys vs 19 girls in my standard 4 class. I'm 52, but of all the places I have been Wainui still seems the most idyllic. Hardly anyone goes there, and it is one of New Zealand's many best kept secrets.

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