Wairoa, Aldgate

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Wiaroa is a historic home and garden located in the Adelaide Hills between Aldgate and Stirling in South Australia. The gardens are regularly open to the public as part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme.

The 13 hectare (32 acre) property was purchased in 1888 by William Horn, and most of the house had been completed by the early 1890s


The house/property has been owned/occupied by:

1888 - 1896 William Horn
1896 - 1941 Tom Elder Barr-Smith and family
1941 - 1965 Daughter Joanna Lang Barr-Smith, Lady Gosse (1886-1965) (Married Sir James Hay Gosse (1876-1952) in 1907)
1965 - 1972 Screenings Pty Ltd
1972 - 2004 Marbury School, Aldgate
2004 - 2007
2007 Community titled
2007 - now Several families


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