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This article is about the Barney Christmas Eve special. For the Munchkin card game, see Munchkin Waiting For Santa.

"Waiting for Santa" (known as: "Barney's Happy Christmas" in Australia) was the first Barney and the Backyard Gang Christmas Eve special. Released on video in 1990,[1] it features an array of traditional Christmas songs as well as new arrangements.


Everyone is asleep in Michael's house on Christmas Eve. Well, except for Michael and Amy. The two try to stay up to wait for Santa. They fall asleep, but are soon wakened, because Barney has gotten stuck trying to go down the chimney. After he is released, Barney magically brings the other kids to Michael's house and then explains that Derek, a new boy in the neighborhood, is worried that Santa won't be able to see him. In addition, it's stated that Derek really wishes for some new friends, more than anything else. Barney takes the gang to Derek's house and takes the them on a magical sleigh ride to the North Pole to prove that Santa knows Derek's new address. At the North Pole, the kids meet a Snowman as well as go ice skating on a frozen pond. Afterwards, the group meets Mrs. Claus and she proves to Derek that his new address is in Santa's computer and therefore he'll be able to visit him. After some fun in Santa's Workshop, the gang returns home and Barney reads "A Visit from St. Nicholas" (also known as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas") to Michael and Amy. Little do they know that Santa's visiting as Barney tells the story and soon the trio fall asleep.. At the very end of the episode, a silhouette of Santa flies over the moon, shouting "Ho ho ho ho. Meeeerrryy Christmas!"


  • Barney (costume) - David Voss
  • Barney (voice) - Bob West
  • Michael - Brian Eppes
  • Luci - Leah Gloria
  • Amy - Becky Swonke
  • Adam - Alexander Jhin
  • Derek - Rickey Carter
  • Tina - Jessica Zucha
  • Snowman (voice) - Duncan Brannan
  • Mrs. Claus - Jeanne Cairns
  • Santa Claus - Henry Hammack

Songs & Rhymes[edit]

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. When Santa Comes To Our House
  3. Waiting For Santa
  4. I Love You
  5. S-A-N-T-A
  6. Star Light, Star Bright
  7. Up On The Housetop
  8. Jingle Bells
  9. Winter's Wonderful
  10. Skating, Skating
  11. The Elves Rap
  12. Let's Do a Little Tapping
  13. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
  14. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  15. Deck the Halls
  16. Twas the Night Before Christmas

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